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Making government data available to all


‘Government openness’ was considered relatively less satisfactory among the ten aspects of the rule of law in Hong Kong, according to the latest survey released by the Centre. What should the Government do to enhance data quality assurance in order to maintain the rule of law and bring about effective governance in Hong Kong?

Fake meat: Can it comply with food safety standards?


As people become more health-conscious, they realise excessive meat consumption contributes to a number of health issues and environmental problems. In recent years, scientists have been working on alternatives to meat. Are these alternatives considered as ‘real meat’ by consumers? Will they bring any hidden food safety concerns?

Are zero-cost index funds the future of pensions?


Index funds have been lowering their investment fees in recent years, resulting in a relatively pricey management fee of certain pension funds. Is index fund the safest place to stash retirement savings?

Refining Government’s interaction with netizens


The Government has been using social media to engage with the public. One of the examples is CE Carrie Lam’s attempt to use Facebook Live as one of the channels to conduct public consultation for her upcoming Policy Address. However, major social media platforms have their limitations on gauging public views. Apart from using these platforms, the Government may need to explore other online channels to enhance communications with netizens.

Will regional integration intensify gambling activities?


A survey revealed that Hongkongers have been spending more on Macau casino wagering in recent years. Behind the move towards regional integration, it may make it more difficult to identify cross-border problem gamblers. As such, what can be done to reduce the impact of gambling activities?

Tracking a generation: How can it contribute to policy making?


Birth cohort studies track a group of people born in a particular period for a considerable length of time. The findings from these studies help formulate thoughtful public policies that address the needs of society. Yet some challenges have to be tackled to achieve goals of the research.

Bittersweet truth about reformulating soft drinks


In the UK, soft drink producers have been reformulating their products to lower the sugar content against the backdrop of a levy on soft drinks with high sugar levels. Although a similar levy is not on the cards in Hong Kong, what can local drink producers learn from the UK’s experience if they wish to reformulate their beverages?       

Keeping tech companies in check is the new trend


In the past, only limited efforts had been made to regulate tech and internet companies or hold social media companies responsible for what their users said or shared. Yet currently, governments around the world are pushing out or pondering measures to hold such companies accountable for the content on online platforms. 

A Scottish experiment in minimum unit pricing


Recently, Scotland has become the first in the world to establish a minimum unit price of alcohol, meaning drinks with a large amount of alcohol could no longer be sold cheaply. What alcohol problem is Scotland trying to tackle via this innovative measure, and what are the possible effects?