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Hong Kong's 'Toilet Revolution': Money is not the only key to success


In the 2019-20 Budget, the Government has planned to devote HK$600 million to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for refurbishing 240 public toilets in the city over the next five years. In order to improve the odor and hygiene problems of public toilets, the department has to put effort into improving design, maintenance and user’s culture.

Gatekeeping in the HealthTech era


Digital health technologies, such as mobile apps that prevent, monitor, diagnose or even treat health problems, are flourishing. However, the challenge facing these technologies is how to assess their effectiveness and safeness, so that we know they are safeguarding our heath rather than putting us at risk. In overseas, certain organisations are trying to figure this out.

Is Hong Kong ready to thrive in the era of ‘New Retail’?


Some enterprises have been implementing the ‘New Retail’ concept by integrating online and offline shopping channels in recent years. This concept is expected to not only provide consumers with more personalised shopping experiences, but also bring considerable sales revenues to enterprises. Can ‘New Retail’ become a new driving force of Hong Kong amid industry slowdown?

High insurance premium: The hurdle of elderly employment


To encourage the elderly to re-enter the job market, it requires efforts of the entire society to eliminate age discrimination and create a favourable environment for elderly employment. However, the difficulties in purchasing employees’ compensation insurance for old-aged employees may hinder employers from hiring the elderly, even if they would like to do so.