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How should employees fight against work-related stress amid rise of ‘burnout’?


The World Health Organization has classified ‘burnout’ as an ‘occupational phenomenon’ recently. The updated definition has sparked heated debate over legislation recognising ‘burnout’, which is triggered by work-related stress, and ‘death from overexertion’ as an ‘occupational disease’ in Hong Kong. However, it is difficult to prove that work-related stress is the only contributing factor of ‘burnout’ and ‘death from overexertion’. How should the Government strike a balance between employment protection and a conductive business environment?

Hiring professionals to declutter tiny apartments in Hong Kong?


An online reality show features a world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo clearing up houses of numerous families and helping house owners rethink their lifestyle and relationships with others. The show has made professional declutters a widely discussed topic. Living comfortably in Hong Kong is no easy task. Should we hire professionals to tidy up our homes and lives as well?

Game of claws: A pressing need to tighten regulations on claw machines?


In recent years, there have been reported cases of claw game addiction in some countries. A Taiwanese pathological player even spent all his money on the game. As the spread of claw game has generated increased interest in Hong Kong, should the Government tighten regulations to avoid the negative impacts on society?

Is reminding ‘smartphone zombies’ to cross the road safely useless?


Smartphones occupy people’s daily lives even the time of walking. Pedestrians use smartphone with rapt attention while crossing the road, dubbed the ‘smartphone zombies’, have become a headache for many governments. To solve the problem, some governments have introduced tailor-made traffic safety facilities for reminding ‘smartphone zombies’ not to jaywalk. What is the effectiveness of these facilities?

'Smart drugs' warning for parents and students


Some stimulants originally used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are seen as ‘smart drugs’ in recent years. They are taken by people hoping to boost memory or concentration worldwide. In Hong Kong, some parents allegedly asked doctors to prescribe these stimulants for their children to help achieve better academic performance. What will be the impacts to the society when ‘smart drugs’ becomes more popular?

Is it all smooth sailing for Hong Kong in promoting ship finance?


The Government has asked the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board to study the use of tax and other measures to entice ship finance companies. To understand the Government’s move and the opportunities and risks for Hong Kong to go big in ship finance, we need to look at the sector’s global landscape.

The hidden costs of tax incentives


In recent years, the Government has deviated from its norm in tax practices to provide tax incentives for certain industries. While tax incentives may be able to bring in business opportunities at a seemingly low cost, society needs to be aware of their less-obvious costs and drawbacks.

How can amateur sports training become professional with virtual reality technology?


Having a consistent exercise habit becomes more common in Hong Kong nowadays. Some people are even pursuing more professional trainings in order to strive for better performance. In recent years, the use of virtual reality (VR) technology in sports has gained popularity in some countries and has brought a wide range of benefits to amateur athletes. Can VR technology also transform local amateur athletes' training to next level? 

Vegans and non-vegans fight like cats and dogs?


Conflicts between vegans and non-vegans have been intensified in recent years amid the rising popularity of veganism. Some vegans accused non-vegans of discrimination. A vegan in U.K. even took his employer to court for this reason. Meanwhile, some non-vegans retorted vegans for practising moral trials on others by dieting preference. Are vegans and non-vegans meant to fight like cats and dogs?