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How to ensure amateur athletes run safely during the races?


People are increasingly concerned about the risks of long distance running races and the adequacy of emergency services followed by sudden cardiac deaths occurred in local running events. What measures should the organisers implement to ensure the smooth running of the events and the safety of all participants?

Reasons for vaccine hesitancy


The latest bout of winter seasonal influenza has brought on an overload of public hospitals, and all kindergartens in Hong Kong had to be closed earlier for the Chinese New Year holidays for the second year in a row. Seasonal influenza vaccination is an effective means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications, however, the vaccination rates are on the low side in Hong Kong. Why people hesitate to get vaccinated?

When robots bond with humans


Robots that can interact with humans are no longer science fiction but real life applications. What functions do these ‘social robots’ fulfill and how can they attract humans to interact with them? Also, as they are becoming more popular, should humans be more vigilant in safeguarding their territories?

The evolution of AI: A system that can explain itself


Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role in our daily life, but the public does not know how it makes decisions, leading to a lack of trust in AI. In recent years, scientists and technology companies have been attempting to create explainable artificial intelligence. If this technology becomes mature, who should bear the legal liability derived from its decision?

Cultural challenges on social media


Some white key opinion leaders have been pretending to be black on social media to gain advantages in recent years. However, they are being accused of ‘blackfishing’ and disrespectful to black cultures. How can internet users strike a balance between freedom of expression and respect for cultural diversity?

Can technology help meet the robust demand for cross-border e-commerce?


Cross-border shopping is on the rise globally, which has also driven the demand for cross-border airfreight shipping in Hong Kong. Due to a lack of labour, the industry is unable to handle the increasing volume of parcels and mails – in an extreme example, an occupational accident almost took place. As logistics technology is advancing rapidly nowadays, can it help meet the challenge facing the industry?

Trees and streets, how might they go together?


Planting trees in an urban environment is not easy. The Government has recently released the ‘Street Tree Selection Guide’ which recommends less commonly used tree species that are deemed suitable for street planting in Hong Kong, in particular highlighting tree characteristics that could adapt to the growing conditions of specific street types. Apart from the recommendations of the guide, are there any areas that require looking into?

The #valuable campaign sparks a revolution of inclusion in workplace


A worldwide campaign named #valuable has been pushing hard for the business sector to recognise the value of disabled population and offer them more job opportunities in recent years. Can Hong Kong join the campaign as well to unleash talents among disabled people?

Audiobooks provide new opportunities for the publishing industry


Audiobooks not only provide a different experience to reading a book, but also bring about new business and job opportunities. For example, audiobooks are marketed to dog owners and have brought fame and wealth to certain audiobook narrators. For publishers and authors, what do they need to be aware of when entering the audiobook business?

Textile recycling: New life for old clothes


In recent years, some fashion brands and research teams have been trying to convert textile waste into recycled fibre for garment manufacturing. Are there any challenges in textile waste recycling? Can the technology help reduce waste?