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Synthetic biology series (2): How to build wealth with local talents?


Many governments around the world are optimistic about the potential of synthetic biology and the business opportunities brought by it. However, what are the essential factors to provide fertile ground for developing synthetic biology? Hong Kong has the ability to cultivate synthetic biology talents, but how can we build up the industry?

Glocalised Belt and Road awareness: Eliminate barriers for the health of ethnic minority elderly


In Hong Kong, ethnic minority elders often encounter communication difficulties and cultural differences when they access to healthcare services. It is necessary to ensure that the city’s healthcare system is well-prepared to meet their needs. In addition, considering the situations of ethnic minority groups while formulating policies is conducive to nurturing local awareness of the Belt and Road Initiative, which in turn have far-reaching benefits for Hong Kong to seize the related opportunities.

Synthetic biology series (1): A technology that even the richest person in the city pours money into


Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing is optimistic about the potential of synthetic biology, once described it as an ‘extremely disruptive technology’. Li’s investment arm Horizons Ventures has already invested in several synthetic biology startups in recent years, while foreign venture capital community also keeps an eye on it. What is synthetic biology? What are the potential impacts and risks?

Wales’ way to pursue wellbeing: Legislating


To ensure the Government makes improving people’s overall wellbeing its goal, Wales has been trying to obligate its public bodies through legislation and appointing a ‘Future Generations Commissioner’. Does it work?

Is empathy contributing the dark side of digital begging?


Launching fundraising campaigns through the internet, which allows people to reveal their financial needs and request monetary support from strangers, has gained popularity in recent years. However, some netizens are accused of using false identities to defraud donors, while some unemployed teenagers even earn a living by live-streaming and begging from social media followers for donations. What will be the impacts to the society when digital begging becomes more popular?

When will the flight to accessible tourism take off?


Many elders and people with disabilities, like others, have a thirst for the freedom to travel. However, there is a list of hurdles they have to face while taking a trip, like misinformation about access-free facilities in tourist attractions, as well as cramped hotel rooms. What can be done to ensure the vocations of tourists with disabilities is enjoyable? As a world-class travel destination, is Hong Kong ready to welcome them?

The dangers and opportunities when eSports gets popular (2): the rise of eSports gambling


eSports industry is full of business opportunities, but it also induces people to gamble. There are numerous forms of eSports gambling, such as betting on eSports tournaments’ matches, skin lotteries and purchasing loot boxes in eSports games. Some overseas governments give the green light to eSports gambling, while some crack down on it. What should the Hong Kong government and industry do?