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Securing your savings against data breach scam


When it comes to personal information security, focuses have been put on preventing data leaks. Yet, in the face of data breaches that hit numerous renowned enterprises, much of our personal data is no longer a secret to scammers. Identity authentication will take the spotlight in the aftermath of data breaches.

A playground for anyone


Children with disabilities also need playgrounds, but it is important that the playgrounds are not merely accessible, but also inclusive – facilitating children with different abilities to play together. How can this be achieved? What are the possible challenges?

Decoding the Hong Kong Genome Project


In the Policy Address, the Government has announced its plan to conduct a large-scale genome sequencing project in Hong Kong, aiming to enhance the clinical application of genomic medicine. How will genomic sequencing facilitate treatment of diseases? How can the city better equip itself to reap the benefits of genomic medicine?

Are zero-cost index funds the future of pensions?


Index funds have been lowering their investment fees in recent years, resulting in a relatively pricey management fee of certain pension funds. Is index fund the safest place to stash retirement savings?

The development of premium healthcare in the Mainland


The quality of healthcare in Mainland cities is a concern for Hongkongers who have headed north to pursue a career. Although premium healthcare covered by corporate health insurance has so far satisfied the needs of high earners in first-tier cities, whether the average person can also benefit from first-rate care services will be a subject that arouses the interest of the younger generation.