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Is Hong Kong ready to thrive in the era of ‘New Retail’?


Some enterprises have been implementing the ‘New Retail’ concept by integrating online and offline shopping channels in recent years. This concept is expected to not only provide consumers with more personalised shopping experiences, but also bring considerable sales revenues to enterprises. Can ‘New Retail’ become a new driving force of Hong Kong amid industry slowdown?

High insurance premium: The hurdle of elderly employment


To encourage the elderly to re-enter the job market, it requires efforts of the entire society to eliminate age discrimination and create a favourable environment for elderly employment. However, the difficulties in purchasing employees’ compensation insurance for old-aged employees may hinder employers from hiring the elderly, even if they would like to do so. 

Smart prison system helps released inmates get back on track


The Correctional Services Department plans to introduce ‘smart’ elements amid improving facilities of prisons. In addition to enhancing the efficiency of prison management and the level of security, what role can ‘smart prison’ play to help prisoners rehabilitate and reintegrate into society?

Designing an Earth-friendly food guide


In recent years, overseas governments and scientists have respectively designed food guides to promote environmentally-friendly food choices in addition to healthy diets. Will the official food guide in Hong Kong also put greater emphasis on the health of the Earth in the future?

Can cyclists and pedestrians share a path in Hong Kong?


‘Shared paths’ are designed to accommodate the movement of both pedestrians and cyclists and the concept has become increasingly popular in some countries. The Government has proposed to adopt the sharing concept on the cycling tracks in Kai Tak development area. How are shared paths different from traditional cycling tracks? Can they be widely developed in the city?

How can technology help ease medical manpower shortage?


The use of technology in medical and care promises a wide range of potential benefits that extend beyond taking on mundane tasks to preserving patients’ dignity, as well as improving doctor-patient relationship. What are the practical concerns of technology applications in healthcare services?   

Making government data available to all


‘Government openness’ was considered relatively less satisfactory among the ten aspects of the rule of law in Hong Kong, according to the latest survey released by the Centre. What should the Government do to enhance data quality assurance in order to maintain the rule of law and bring about effective governance in Hong Kong?

How to ensure amateur athletes run safely during the races?


People are increasingly concerned about the risks of long distance running races and the adequacy of emergency services followed by sudden cardiac deaths occurred in local running events. What measures should the organisers implement to ensure the smooth running of the events and the safety of all participants?

Reasons for vaccine hesitancy


The latest bout of winter seasonal influenza has brought on an overload of public hospitals, and all kindergartens in Hong Kong had to be closed earlier for the Chinese New Year holidays for the second year in a row. Seasonal influenza vaccination is an effective means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications, however, the vaccination rates are on the low side in Hong Kong. Why people hesitate to get vaccinated?