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Restructuring vocational education system: Exploring dual pathways to achieve career and educational aspirations


The study on ‘Realising your dreams through vocational education and training (VET)’ suggests ways to enhance the VET system through restructuring its academic pathways and restoring public confidence in VET. Our suggestions aim to help students develop their talents into strengths and reach full potential, thus building a vibrant talent pool to facilitate the city’s overall development.

Working or staying home? Child support services could be the answer


The Centre released a study on ‘Developing child support services on all fronts: To facilitate both parenting and employment’ today, with a focus on examining whether there are inadequacies of existing child care services in Hong Kong subsidised by the Government and provided by NGOs for those aged below 6 who are not receiving pre-primary education services. With reference to child care policies implemented by other countries and regions, the Centre has forged policy directions and recommendations that could improve local child support services.

Mainland: Land of opportunity for Hong Kong young people?


Mainland: Land of opportunity for Hong Kong young people?

The Centre released a survey on the ‘Attitudes of Hong Kong Youth towards Seeking Employment in Mainland China’ today that reveals young people’s willingness and factors to consider when seeking employment in mainland China. The survey interviewed 1,001 local young people aged 18 to 29 who have no working experience in the Mainland.


An economic and social vision is key to Hong Kong’s population policy


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today released a study on population policy, highlighting the importance of an economic and social vision in encouraging and enabling Hong Kong’s population and labour market to achieve their optimal state.

The study examines the city’s future population and manpower needs to 2030, and maps out areas for deliberating the future direction for Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness.