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Land administration: Making it fair, transparent and efficient


Based on the principles of fairness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness,  the study on ‘Enhancing planning and lands policies’ aims to put forth recommendations for accelerating the process of land production by reviewing six major policy areas involved.

Survey on Youth Housing Demand

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today released the findings of a survey on the housing demand of youth, which solicited young people\'s views on the property market as well as the role that they expected the government to play.

First Time Home Purchase: Strategic Options

Child birth, adolescence and marriage tend to trigger off new families and needs for new homes. “For an individual, buying a flat is one of the major decisions in life, both in terms of financial commitment and lifestyle planning. From a macro perspective, home ownership is conducive to social cohesion and security,” said Mr Anthony Wu, Chairman of the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (BFRC).

Rethinking housing for the elderly

Following an earlier study of optional retirement, the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (“The BFRC”) today released the second part of its competitiveness studies into ageing population, which sought to tackle the city’s elderly housing issues from a new perspective.

Hong Kong High-speed Rail Survey Report

A poll released by the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (BFRC) today revealed that close to 70 percent of the respondents (69.1%) supported the construction of the express railway, which will link up Hong Kong with China’s high-speed rail network.