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Start afresh during the epidemic
Expedite the long-term development of primary healthcare services in Hong Kong by drawing reference from seven selected places


The study ‘Moving towards universal health coverage: Overseas experiences on enhancing PHC’ examined the experiences in developing PHC services in seven selected places (England, Australia, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel and Mainland China). By making cross-references to their vision, policy directions and initiatives, the study aims at mapping out a primary healthcare service model that suits Hong Kong most.

Primary care services in the Pearl River Delta


At the Forum on Primary Care Services in the PRD jointly organised by the Centre and the Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council today, the Centre released a research study to call for closer working relations and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland in the healthcare sector.

Covering six major PRD cities, the study aims to enable Hong Kong residents working, studying or retiring in the PRD to have a better understanding of the primary care services in the region, as well as to provide an overview of the current situation and prospects relating to Hong Kong doctors operating in the region.

Bauhinia survey on Nutrition Labelling Scheme

A recent survey commissioned by the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre shows a fair level of public awareness and positive attitude towards the Nutrition Labelling Scheme (“the Scheme”), which has come into effect since 1 July 2010.

Primary Care; Columbarium; Anti-drugs


The Centre puts forth recommendations on three livelihood issues, i.e., development of primary care, columbarium policy and anti-drugs issue, for public discussion. 

Trial Scheme on School Drug Testing Survey Report

A survey released by the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today (17 September 2009) showed that more than 70 percent of parents supported the Government’s trial scheme on school drug testing.

An Analysis of the Managed Care Market in Hong Kong

In July 2006, the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre commissioned the Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University(University) to survey and analyze the existing managed care market in Hong Kong.This Executive Summary summarizes the major findings of this Study.