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Bauhinia ‘2018-19 Budget’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted a policy paper to the Financial Secretary’s Office on 3 January, advocating initiatives to strengthen and diversify local workforce with a view to overcoming demographic challenges in Hong Kong.

Bauhinia ‘2017 Policy Address’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted policy recommendations on ‘2017 Policy Address’ on 13 September, which proposes measures to revitalise public housing policies, promote workplace flexibility, strengthen primary care services and enhance the recognition of vocation education.

Restructuring vocational education system: Exploring dual pathways to achieve career and educational aspirations


The study on ‘Realising your dreams through vocational education and training (VET)’ suggests ways to enhance the VET system through restructuring its academic pathways and restoring public confidence in VET. Our suggestions aim to help students develop their talents into strengths and reach full potential, thus building a vibrant talent pool to facilitate the city’s overall development.

Workplace flexibility: A win-win situation for employees and employers


The study on ‘Work-life Balance: Getting started with flexible work arrangements’ explores how flexible work arrangements can help employees achieve work-life balance and strengthen companies’ human capital, and demonstrates how it can help tackle the challenges arising from a shrinking local workforce.