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Bauhinia ‘2017 Policy Address’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted policy recommendations on ‘2017 Policy Address’ on 13 September, which proposes measures to revitalise public housing policies, promote workplace flexibility, strengthen primary care services and enhance the recognition of vocation education.

Restructuring vocational education system: Exploring dual pathways to achieve career and educational aspirations


The study on ‘Realising your dreams through vocational education and training (VET)’ suggests ways to enhance the VET system through restructuring its academic pathways and restoring public confidence in VET. Our suggestions aim to help students develop their talents into strengths and reach full potential, thus building a vibrant talent pool to facilitate the city’s overall development.

Workplace flexibility: A win-win situation for employees and employers


The study on ‘Work-life Balance: Getting started with flexible work arrangements’ explores how flexible work arrangements can help employees achieve work-life balance and strengthen companies’ human capital, and demonstrates how it can help tackle the challenges arising from a shrinking local workforce.

Bauhinia Well-being Index (BWI)


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre released a study on ‘Bauhinia Well-being Index’ today, which highlights that despite the upward performance of the Hong Kong economy in the last 15 years, the Bauhinia Well-being Index (BWI) remained almost stagnant, with a widening gap between the two. Between 2000 and 2015, Hong Kong’s cumulative growth in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita was 56.9%, whilst the BWI was up by 0.4% only, showing that economic prosperity has no significant impact on people’s happiness.

Retirement: Your Will, Your Way


The Centre released a study on ‘Retirement: Your Will, Your Way’ , aiming to build up robust retirement protection in two ways: by setting up a ‘Public Pension’ and by refining the MPF system. The Centre concurs with the saying ‘Different people, different needs’, and therefore has offered extensive recommendations on enhancing the current retirement protection system. 

Bauhinia 'Legislative Council Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 5) Order 2015' and 'Maximum Amount of Election Expenses (Legislative Council Election) (Amendment) Regulation 2015' Submission


Bauhinia has submitted recommendations on Legislative Council Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 5) Order 2015 and Maximum Amount of Election Expenses (Legislative Council Election) (Amendment) Regulation 2015 on 7 Dec, advocating for a review of the subsidy rate of financial assistance scheme for candidates, in conjunction with the adjustment of the subsidy rate and election expenses limit in the long run.

Bauhinia ‘2016 Policy Address’ and ‘2016/2017 Budget’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted policy recommendations to the Chief Executive and Financial Secretary on ‘2016 Policy Address’ and ‘2016-17 Budget’ on 18 November 2015, which propose measures to develop a more comprehensive child care services and enhance the quality of home-grown talent.

Working or staying home? Child support services could be the answer


The Centre released a study on ‘Developing child support services on all fronts: To facilitate both parenting and employment’ today, with a focus on examining whether there are inadequacies of existing child care services in Hong Kong subsidised by the Government and provided by NGOs for those aged below 6 who are not receiving pre-primary education services. With reference to child care policies implemented by other countries and regions, the Centre has forged policy directions and recommendations that could improve local child support services.