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Hong Kong Consumer Confidence Survey

Indications show that most people of Hong Kong are becoming more optimistic about the economic outlook of the city, according to a recent survey released by the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today (16 July 2009).

Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic Ties


Free flow of people through reciprocal visa-free access and ease of work visas’ applications, tariff-free movements of commodities, liberalization of aviation markets, synergy of tourism resources as well as expansion of Hong Kong’s Renminbi (RMB) businesses will help pave way for the ultimate development of a “common market” amongst the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong over the next three decades.

A Tax System to enhance the Business Environment

Establishing a specialist Tax Policy Unit within the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau is the top priority among the five recommendations on the fundamental issues identified in a Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (“the Centre”) report on the business competitiveness of Hong Kong’s tax system.

Hong Kong: A Creative Metropolis


In the era of globalization, competition amongst cities is not just about the pursuit of economic growth or efficiency; it is also about innovation, creativity and convergence of talents.

Building a Hong Kong-Shenzhen Metropolis

To a very large extent, Hong Kong and Shenzhen have already or nearly attained the standard of an international metropolis in various aspects. In respect of economic size, the combined GDP of Hong Kong and Shenzhen was US$259 billion in 2006, ranking amongst the world’s top international metropolises, behind Tokyo, New York and London. With regard to the size of the city, the two cities occupy a combined area of over 3,000 square kilometres and have a combined population of over 20 million, surp